Which celebrity cuts will make a splash this spring?

Sometimes it may seem like springtime will never come, but is it ever too soon to start planning out your wardrobe – and a stunning new cut and color? Spring, after all, is the season of renewal, and a stunning hairstyle can definitely make you feel reborn!

At On Stage Hair Design, we're always eager to see which styles will take off at our salons in Magnolia and Beaumont from one season to next. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few predictions for the months to come, courtesy of the fashionistas at Harper's Bazaar.

According to the magazine, spring 2014 will be all about edgy, playful styles that will really let your facial features shine. While we don't expect too many clients to come in asking for Miley Cyrus' undercut pixie, we hope one or two young ladies opt for a similarly out-there trend!

Our money, though, is on different variations of the beloved bob. Actress Camilla Belle is one of many starlets who traded long lockers for a cut that falls between the chin and shoulder. Belle and "House of Cards" star Kate Mara have both been seen with striking bobs that flick outwards, adding a bit of youthful flair to a look that could come off as stuffy.

Losing a bit of length is a great way to welcome spring, but if you want to maintain your long locks, we've also got plenty of tricks up our sleeves to breathe new life into lengthier styles. We also offer deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture to your tresses after months of dry winter air.