The wavy shag is the style of the summer

Summer's right around the corner, and nothing brings in the season like a new hairstyle that keeps things cool without losing any of the chic. 

This year, the hot trend in shorter hair is the wavy shag, a tousled, shorter look sported by models such as Malaika Firth and Mica Arganaraz. This style eschews the flatiron usage that defines a sleeker bob, and instead allows your tresses to fall naturally, creating a messy, tousled look that's equally at home on the runway and by the pool.

One of the best parts of this style is that it works well with or without bangs. The shorter length provides a perfect frame for a wide variety of faces, as well as the ability to keep your shoulders and back from getting too hot as the mercury rises. Those with rounder-shaped faces can wear a wavy shag just at shoulder length, while those with oval-shaped faces might decide to go little bit closer to the cheek. Ladies with more square faces can soften their features by adding some layers amidst the waves. 

The wavy shag has come a long way since it's 70's heyday. Now, it can be a casual, low-energy look, or dressed up with the addition of highlights, coloring and layers. Like the summer itself, this 'do is low-key and relaxed, but a whole lot of fun. 

Interested in trying out the summer's hottest hairstyles for yourself? A quick visit to a Beaumont hair salon will have you feeling fresh, fabulous and fully-equipped to beat the heat.