The 5 Best Oils You Need to Try For Your Hair

We know what you're thinking. You've been working your whole life to stop your hair from being oily, and now you're supposed to add more to it? But, trust us, adding certain oils to your regimen has a ton of benefits. Look for conditioners, styling creams, or deep conditioning treatments with one of these oils in them to get you started. 

Argan Oil:

If your hair is dry or damaged, seek out Argan oil. It's rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, which are perfect for moisturizing and smoothing hair. A leave-in conditioner with Argan oil in it will banish frizz for good. 

Coconut Oil:

This versatile oil has been making waves in everything from cooking to skincare, so it's no surprise it has benefits for your hair too. Another oil that contains Vitamin E, as well as protein, fatty acids, and lauric acid, it improves your hair in a wide range of ways. It reduces frizz, increases shine, strengthens hair and roots, and protects against damage. The lauric acid is antibacterial, so it treats dandruff and fights against itchiness and scalp infections. 

Tea Tree Oil:

For the ultimate in cleansing power, look for shampoos with tea tree oil in them. Its soothing properties help get your hair squeaky clean and calms any problems you've been having with your scalp. Unlike chemical cleansers, tea tree oil won't dry out your hair. 

Jojoba Oil:

Women with naturally oily hair who are the most skeptical about the oils craze should seek out jojoba first. It's closest to the natural oils your hair produces, and using it helps to regulate your oil production. It also helps strengthen hair, reverse damage, and promote hair growth.

Olive Oil:

Yes, the same oil you use for cooking is also a powerful moisturizer for your hair. The heartiest of the oils, it should be used sparingly, and closest to the roots. It benefits the scalp, and makes the hair smoother, shinier, and softer.