Stylish looks to try in your thirties

In case you didn't know, 30 is definitely the new 20! Today's thirty somethings don't have to adhere to mom haircuts with no style, and can truly show off their sexy side. If you're turning the big 3-0 in the near future, don't fret! Instead, take a look at these haircuts ideal for women who are over 29:

  • Bangs: If you've noticed a few wrinkles on your forehead already, the easiest -and most stylish solution – is to cover them up with bangs. Sideswept bangs are soft and feminine, while fringe bangs are a bit more edgy. The choice is yours!
  • Lob: We've said it before and we'll say it again: The lob is this season's hottest cut! This cut is ideal for nearly every age group, ranging from girls in their twenties to more mature women. Plus, it's very versatile and can be worn up or down. If you want to cut your hair, but are afraid of the commitment of a short bob, a lob is your best bet!
  • Subtle layers: "When you're younger, you want to make a statement," suggests Allure Magazine. "In your late teens and 20s, you try every trend and fry the crap out of your hair. For your 30s, you want your hair to do its own thing, not be overdone." Take a cue from Zoe Saldana and try tousled waves that can complement nearly every face shape.

If you want to ring in your milestone birthday with a new haircut, make sure to book an appointment at our Beaumont hair salon! Our expert stylists can help you get the look of your dreams with a new cut and color.