Stars show off their Emmy’s style

This blog recently discussed some of the natural beauty styles that stars rocked at this year's recent MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs). Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian certainly made an impression at the VMAs, but this awards show wasn't the only game in town this week. Stars that showed up for the Emmy's also wowed viewers this year. 

Everyone knows the red carpet is really the place to look your best, and this year's Emmy attendees did not disappoint! reports that Zooey Deschanel looked stunning with a soft, feminine style complete with flawless makeup and shiny hair that was styled in "gorgeous curls." Curls seem to be a theme at recent awards shows, as Nicki Minaj was also seen sporting curls at the VMAs. 

In addition to having great hair, Zooey's makeup was just as noteworthy, between raspberry lip gloss and long black eye lashes that "made her blue eyes pop" according to the source. 

But Zooey wasn't the only flawless star to grace the Emmy's with her presence of perfection, as other celebs were seen sporting different fantastic styles. details that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland wore her hair to show off her face by pulling it back. 

Heidi Klum wore her hair down, letting it fall in "loose waves," while Natalie Dormer also let her long hair loose, parting it down the middle. Hayden Panettiere opted for the hair-pulled-back look as well, with the added accessory of a headband. 

As these stars at the Emmy Awards show, there are so many ways to make a red carpet appearance and look great doing it! The professionals at our Beaumont hair salons know what it takes to get your hair and makeup looking amazing. Contact us today to set up an appointment.