Makeup tips for platinum blondes

Previously on this blog, we reported that platinum blonde was the must-have hair coloring for 2014. It's certainly a bold move, and may not be right for every complexion, but if you have the courage to rock this trend, the hair coloring experts at On Stage Hair Design are ready to show you the way! Keep in mind, though, that if you do embrace this look, it may impact other aspects of your personal style.

When you go platinum blonde, the wrong makeup choices can really make or break your look. Too little color and you may look washed out, but too much color could leave you looking like a clown. So how do you strike that perfect balance?

"It's easy to overdose on color when you're blonde, but substituting blush with bronzer ensures that your skin won't look washed out," according to Marie Claire. 

A bold red lip can be fun every now and then, but for your daily look, the magazine suggests a lighter shade for your lips. Meanwhile, your eyes should be emphasized with deep but neutral shades for an edgy yet sophisticated style. 

InStyle Magazine also touched on this transition, noting that platinum blonde hair can take away from the structure of the face if you have a naturally pale complexion. This means you have to work a bit harder to emphasize natural contours. 

If you're ready to take the plunge and go platinum blonde, stop by one of our Magnolia or Beaumont hair salons today to schedule a cut and color. Our beauty experts can also give you plenty of tips to make the most out of your new shade.