Keep static under control this winter!

When Valentine's Day is followed by a three-day weekend (for many Texans at least), you can bet that plenty of people have some very special plans lined up. Maybe you're going on a little getaway with your sweetheart, or simply sneaking some one-on-one time here and there when the kids are otherwise occupied. Either way, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to doll yourself up a bit more than usual. 

However, if you've already sprung for a phenomenal cut and color, there is still one issue that can throw off your Valentine's Day look: Static. The cold, crisp air of winter may be refreshing on some days, but just as it wreaks havoc on your skin, it can also leave your hair dry, damaged and positively charged. 

To help you look your best this weekend – and throughout this neverending winter – the hair stylists at our Magnolia and Beaumont hair salons have compiled some of the best tips to beat back static.

For on-the-go control:

We've all had that moment: You spend so much attention on your mane before you leave the house, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection an hour or two later  and witness a static attack. But you don't need to panic in these moments. Just keep one (or all) of the following in your purse for a simple remedy:

  • Dryer sheets – Gently rub a dryer sheet along your hair for the same static control they perform for your clothes. 
  • A spray bottle of water – If you have any travel-sized bottles, fill one with water and bring it along for the ride whenever you leave home. A few spritzes and those static strands will be suppressed.
  • Hand lotion – Who doesn't carry a bit of hand lotion in their purpose, especially this time of year? Parade Magazine notes that this should be your last resort as a static solution, though. Rub lotion into your hands as usual, then rake your hands through your hair just before the cream has been completely absorbed.

For long-term prevention:

As hair stylist Kristina Reynoso of the Warren-Tricomi Madison Avenue Salon in New York recommended in an interview with, choosing hair products that focus on moisture can help keep static and flyaways at bay this season. Using a moisturizing conditioner, be sure to pay extra attention to the ends of your hair. The next time you book an appointment at On Stage Hair Design, check in with your stylist about leave-in conditioners too!

If dry skin and static hair consistently get your down from year to year, a humidifier could be an excellent investment. It may seem like a strange beauty accessory, but trust us, these babies work wonders!