Julia Louis Dreyfus goes ‘from ombré to sombre’ with new hair color

The Emmy's may be over, but the hairstyles at the event continue to make an impression! Recently this blog discussed how actress Zooey Deschanel made a splash at the show by wearing her hair in gorgeous, feminine curls, while other celebs like Heidi Klum wore their hair down in long, loose waves. 

The hot hairstyles keep on sizzling after the show as other stars rocked looks that showed off their new hair color. Hollywoodlife.com reports that Julia Louis Dreyfus of VEEP fame showed up to the red carpet with a new soft hair color. The source interviewed her colorist Kyle White to find out how the look was created. 

"Julia's color is a perfect example of how depth at the roots and subtle lightness on the ends is a great way to soften up dark brunettes, without looking too light and washing you out. Dark hair can read heavy and hard against most complexions, so we softened up Julia's hair, by adding some lighter pieces off the root, around the frame of her face and the top of her head, exactly where the sun would lighten her hair naturally," White explained to the source. 

The colorist went on to say that this look is one of the biggest trends for fall as the ombré look evolves and hairstyles start to include this darker variation of the popular style. 

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