Introducing Our Stylist

Here at On Stage Hair Design our talented stylist achieve their level of experience through our educational and goal oriented system. The levels consist of Associate, Stylist, Master Stylist, and Art Director. By achieving certain retail and service goals they are able to achieve professional advancement.

On Stage I: 

Associate: Michael Ashley

Stylist: Whitney Dupuis

Master Stylist: Kara Shaver

Director: Paul Traylor, Sandra Bebeau, Brittany Aldrich, Kendra Jones, Patricia Stankovich, Traci Dowden, Janell Edgerton, Emily Orlando, Nicole Traylor, Haley Hardin

On Stage II: 

Associate: Alyssa Holmes

Stylist: N/A

Master Stylist: Nellie Culver, Ambrosia Alfaro, Mark Mcintyre, Kindra Wright

Director: Tracy Hughes, Katie Pierson

On Stage III:

Associate:  N/A

Stylist: Jenna Broussard

Master Stylist: N/A

Director:  Marty Smith, Trish Smith, Lesley Stone, Andy Benson, Stephanie Wilson

On Stage IV:

Associate: Brittany Turner

Stylist: Victoria Garcia, Jessy Manwaring, Laci King-Bowman

Master Stylist: Ali Ryan, Miranda RIder

Director: Preston Boudreaux