Innovative hair and nail tips from expert beauty bloggers

Want to know the secret to showing off gorgeous hair and nails? Just ask a beauty blogger. Recently, sat down with popular bloggers who spilled all their innovative tips and tricks. Check out the suggestions below:

  • Get steamy to create matte nails: "If I'm making soup or boiling pasta, I'll put on two quick coats of nail polish. While they're still wet, I'll hold my nails for three seconds over the steam coming from the simmering food, keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Then I watch the magic happen: My glossy painted nails turn matte-sexy," popular beauty blogger Michelle Phan tells the source. 
  • Stop drying your hair with a towel: Chances are that after you step out of the shower, you wrap your hair up in a towel to dry your strands. Did you know that the friction created from the terry cloth can actually lead to damage, frizz and even breakage? Instead of using a towel, pat your hair dry and soak up any excess moisture with a soft cotton t-shirt.
  • Use felt to remove glitter: A popular nail trend is to add plenty of sparkle and shine to the look. However, as we all know, attempting to remove glitter polish can be a real chore. Instead of using a cotton ball, beauty blogger Allison Kratzer suggests using felt instead, which she claims works like a charm!

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