How to Tuesday’s: The Gibson Roll

A quick hair style that can easily transition from causal to formal.



Step 1) If your hair is limp or fine, adding a texturizing spray or dry shampoo will help in adding texture to make the process easier.

We suggest:  Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe or Dry Clean by Sebastian 



IMG_5833Step 2) Slip a headband of your choice over the crown of your head (like a halo) down to your forehead.





IMG_5835Step 3) On each side of the head, grab the hair in front of the ear and loop to tuck under the head band.





IMG_5838Step 4) Next, section of hair and repeat the loop and tuck motion.






IMG_5839Step 5) With the remaining hair, roll up and tuck into the middle/back section of the headband.






Step 6) For a long lasting style, use bobby pins to secure any loose ends or fly away hairs.

Styled by: Stephanie Wilson-Director at On Stage 3