How to manage the trendy ‘Bronde’ looks

Some people think that blondes have more fun. Others are convinced that being a brunette is where it's at. While they both have valid arguments, there's a third contingent making a strong claim for relevance: "Brondes."

Half-blonde, half-brunette and all sass, this daring new hair trend is changing everything you thought you knew about hair color. It incorporates both hair colors, as well as multidimensional tones that make the style even more exciting. Here are a few tips to consider, if you think that it might be right for you:

  • Hunt for the perfect shade: For the fair-skinned, a sandy or neutral tone is best. If you're rocking a more sun-kissed look, golden tones can go a long way towards enhancing your features. 
  • Give it some edge: Where you want to focus the dye is completely up to you. Choose the tresses that frame your face for a bold, daring look that will garner a lot of attention. 
  • Glam it up: Have a lawn party or high-society gala to attend this summer? Try a high-shine variant where the bulk of the color is concentrated at the bottom of your locks. It will give your hair an almost ombre-look that is nonetheless appropriate for whatever situation you might find yourself in. 
  • Go natural: If you want the blonde to look like natural highlights, simply brush the dye into your hair with natural motions. It'll look like you've been spending a ton of time out on the beach. 

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