Hair and makeup tips for middle-aged women

If you've recently celebrated a birthday that pushed you "over the hill," there's no need to fret. After all, with age comes wisdom. Just because you don't have the same look as you did in your twenties, doesn't mean you can't be glamorous. Take a look at some helpful makeup and hair tips that can keep you feeling classy and confident no matter the age on your driver's license. 

  • Ditch the lip gloss: Although gloss can make your lips shiny, this shimmer and shine will only enhance the look of wrinkles. Instead, try using a matte lipstick in a neutral color like mauve or deep rose.
  • Layer concealer and foundation: "Concealing dark circles with much lighter concealer never works," writes Dana Oliver of The Huffington Post. "It will only make you look worse because it will emphasize wrinkles and bags. Apply your concealer with a light hand, layering it thinly over your foundation and "patting" it in place with a small, stiff flat brush (or use your ring finger or a high-quality silk sponge)."
  • Pick the right color: It's important to pick a hair color that flatters your skin tone. For some, cooler-toned hues work best, and for others warm-colors will enhance their look. Although many middle-aged and older women want to cover up their gray strands, some prefer to embrace their natural color. Stars such as Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis prove that you can be glowing and glamorous even if you've gone grey!

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