French-inspired makeup tips in honor of Bastille Day

Bastille Day – July 14 – honors the start of the French Revolution in 1789. Even if you don't have French heritage, you can still celebrate the holiday by exuding Parisian flair. After all, the French are known for their glamorous sense of style.

Recently, Glamour magazine interviewed Paris-based Dior makeup artist Violett. Find out her gorgeous beauty tips below:

  • Don't go overboard: It's important to keep your makeup to a minimum to avoid looking like a clown. In Paris, makeup is used to bring out your best features instead of to coat your face. Violett says that her beauty technique is actually quite simple and involves curling her eyelashes, putting on mascara and a bit of blush. If she needs to hide any small imperfections, she simply dabs on a bit of concealer.
  • Exude your mood: "I think there is a psychological part of your brain at work when you choose to wear makeup or not. I wear red lipstick when I feel happy and relaxed. It's liberating. When I'm feeling more focused and don't want to have any distractions, I stay with super-nude makeup," Violette tells Glamour.
  • Pay attention to your skincare routine: No matter how much makeup you wear throughout the day, it's always important to take it off at night – a French woman's motto. Leaving on makeup for too long can clog your pores, leading to blemishes and other irritation.

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