Five tips for handling serious curls

Curls can be the key to some of the most bold and exciting hairstyles there are. However, they do take some work to manage — some days, wrestling with a head full of curls seems like a full-time job! Here are five tips that can help you with the process and keep you looking good. 

  • Skip the blow dryer, unless you have to. Moisture is really important when it comes to curly hair and too much direct heat can cause your hair to dry and lose its luster. Instead, let air do the work, reducing frizz and keeping your follicles healthier. 
  • Don't over-wash it. Washing super curly hair much more than once or twice per week can also cause it to dry out, leaving you with a head full of dull, frizzy hair. 
  • Be liberal with conditioner. If you're not using as much shampoo, you should be compensating somewhere, and that often means leave-in conditioners. Try to find one with argon oil, which will keep your hair shiny and beautiful.
  • Find a good product. Which one you'll ultimately choose will depend on the exact nature of your hair, but having the right daily product can go a long way towards making sure your tresses don't go renegade throughout the day. Consider consulting with your stylist and asking what they recommend for your situation. 
  • Go to the right stylist. The proper cut and color can make all the difference when it comes to managing curly hair, so make sure that you have a stylist that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

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