Five pieces of advice from hair-styling professionals

Nobody knows hair-care like professionals, which means there's no better place to get tips on how to keep yours looking fabulous. Here are five pieces of advice from the people that understand your tresses best. 

  • Natural color? Not the same as natural hair. Even if your hair hasn't been dyed in some time, that doesn't mean it qualifies as "natural." When a stylist uses this term to refer to hair, he or she means something very specific — namely, that it hasn't ever been touched by chemicals. We need to know exactly how much your hair has been processed so that a simple cut and color doesn't turn into a catastrophe. 
  • Professional-grade products are better. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and expect something that you could have easily made yourself at home, would you? The same concept goes for salons. We take care to purchase top of the line products, which will be significantly better than anything you're going to pluck off the shelf of your local drugstore. That extra quality can make all the difference when it comes to how good your style looks and how long it lasts. 
  • Coloring is different from lightening. While they're both things you can do to change your hair's appearance, they actually refer to two distinct processes. The former involves actually adding color molecules to your follicles, while the latter does the exact opposite. When you strip the melanin from your hair, the effect is that it look lighter (hence the name). 
  • You can't just "replace" a darker color with a lighter one. Remember that advice about how coloring actually adds pigmentation to your hair? That means that once it's done, if you want lighter hair, you have to strip that pigment off. If you dye your hair black and then want to make it a different, lighter color, your stylist will have to strip the follicles and start from scratch. This isn't good for your hair, so you might consider highlights instead. 
  • We really want to make you happy. The most important thing to a stylist is that you're satisfied with the end result. If your hair coloring didn't go the way you thought it should, please let us know! We'd rather do what we can to send you home thrilled, than let you go home looking anything other than your best.

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