Eight easy hair tips for when time is at a premium

Sometimes you need a quick hairstyle because you're running out the door to an important business meeting, and it's critical that you're punctual. Other times, you want something easy because you have an entire jar of Nutella and two seasons of Orange is the New Black that aren't going to eat and watch themselves. Whatever the reason that you don't want to put forth the effort, it's important to have some tricks in your bag that'll help you look good — without all the fuss. Here eight of our favorites:

  • If you want curls, but don't have the time to sit in rollers all day, try putting your hair into a ponytail first, then dividing it into two or three sections before curling. 
  • Running out the door quickly in the morning? Applying dry shampoo the night before allows it to work its magic while you're in dreamland. When you wake up, you won't need to jump in the shower. 
  • Bobby pins aren't the only player in the bun game. Spin pins can also hold your hairknot in place, and have the added bonus of being faster and easier to use. Plus, buns are a little bit easier on your scalp than a tight ponytail would be, so you don't have to deal with those lingering headaches. Total game-changer for anybody with thick hair. 
  • Headbands are back in a big way. Roll up your hair and keep it in place with a festive band. As a bonus, if you have long hair, it's a good way to get beachy waves.
  • Saunas are the perfect time to deep-condition. Before you head into the steamy room, just use whatever conditioner you would normally, cover it with a cap, and let the steam do the work. 
  • Think about the sink! Since most of the oil in your tresses originates at the scalp, a quick wash under the faucet can cut down on any flatness while not taking up too much valuable time. 
  • A carefully hidden butterfly clip can give a boost to any ponytail. Just slide it right behind the hair tie and voila! Instant volume. 
  • Have stubborn hairs that just refuse to stay in place? Spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and you can easily keep those rogue hairs where they're supposed to be. 

Need something a little more high-maintenance? Visit a Magnolia hair salon, for when you need something better than the everyday.