Écaille trend continues well into 2015

Back in January, In Style ran a piece on ecaille, a style which had supplanted 2014's ombré as the hot new trend of the year. Named after the French word for tortoiseshell, the technique pairs rich, caramel tones with golden highlights that make the whole look shimmer. 

And just like the tortoise of Aesop's eponymous fable, this style is proving to have staying power. It's continued well into 2015 and is poised to be one of the defining styles of this summer, albeit with a few tweaks. The basic concept is the same, but the darker notes are deeper, the highlights are brighter and the entire style is richer and more in-your-face: the perfect look for a summer full of fun nights. 

Celebs like Blake Lively and Jessica Alba are still rocking the 'do, blending the "chunkier" looks the of the '80s with a sleekness that is decidedly modern. It takes a lot of the basic tenants of the ombré style that was so popular in 2014, but adds a fun tweak on them. Clairol Color Director James Corbett told InStyle what to ask for when you visit a Beaumont hair salon to make this your signature look:

"Ask for someone who's proficient in hair painting," he explains of choosing a colorist. "It's a newer concept and you're not going to achieve the same results with traditional foil highlights as you do with hair painting."

Are two-toned tresses for you? If you're looking to make ecaille your summer style, stop by one of our hair salons in Beaumont today.