Do you want to lighten your hair this summer?

Orange may be the new black, but this simply isn't the case when it comes to your mane! If you've ever tried to lighten your hair by yourself with Sun-In or a similar product, you may know that the results aren't always the best, as these chemicals often leave your hair brassy. Our goal at On Stage Hair Design & Day Spa  is to spruce up your mane and eliminate any beauty blunders along the way. Even though we suggest that you come into our salon for professional highlights, if you must touch up your locks in between visits, use these all-natural hair lighteners instead.

  • Chamomile: Chamomile tea is known for its soothing properties and can lull you to sleep, but this brew can also lighten up your locks. Steep a strong pot of tea and once it's cool, saturate your hair with the liquid. Then, head out in the sun until your locks dry. You'll notice that the tea will bring out your natural highlights.
  • Cinnamon: "Dark hair is quick to turn brassy when exposed to many lighteners, even just the sun, which is why a cinnamon mask is kind of a revelation—it lifts and subtly lightens dark hair without brassiness or orange tones. Make a paste out of cinnamon and a small amount of water and work it into your hair, being sure to coat each strand," suggests Rachel Krause of The Daily Makeover. Be sure to dampen your hair before you apply the mixture. It's also a good idea to add conditioner to your locks so that the cinnamon has something to stick to.

As with any DIY remedy, there is always a chance of a faux pas. If you want the very best results, stop into our Beaumont hair salon for a professional cut and color by one of our expert stylists!