Crazy for curls: Inside the hot new trend

As anyone with naturally curly hair knows, managing it can take a lot of effort. However, with the increasing popularity of the naturally curly look, whipping those tendrils into shape can certainly be worth the style points it will bring.

For years, some people have opted to go with the trend of flattening their curls for a more sleek and smooth look, but the New York Times reports that several of today's hottest celebrities have been adopting their natural "curly manes." Musicians such as Lorde and St. Vincent are just a couple of stars to sport this look, which The Times describes as "styled but a little messy." In addition to allowing the curls to take their natural shape, those who opt for this style are also okay with having a bit of frizz. 

Curls may take a bit more to manage than some other hair types, but they really can make an impression. To make them look smooth and fantastic, you may have to think about factors like humidity, which may affect your curls from day to day. 

With more people opting to let their curls loose, there is also an increased need for education on how to handle them. As a result, the article explains that more salons are seeing a demand for stylists that are well-versed in the language of the curl. Each stylist may have their own individual approach to taming curly manes and the professionals at our Beaumont hair salons are no exception! Contact us today to set up an appointment to get your curls looking just how you'd like them to!

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