Buzzfeed ladies try on their mothers’ old hairstyles

Nothing highlights quite how much time has passed like a change in hairstyle. In fact, this effect is so common that the expository hairstyle change is now a trope in television: a single look at an older 'do will transport you immediately to a time when it was a la mode. This week, some of the ladies of Buzzfeed had fun with this tendency, styling their own manes to reflect some of the prevailing styles from their mothers' generations. 

Their reviews? Fun for a day, but that there's probably a reason why styling practices have changed since the '70s and '80s.

When switching to these retro styles, everything was about volume. Serious curls, mousse, teasing and copious amounts of spray combined to turn their regular hair into something that had serious and intimidating body — so much so that one mom couldn't help but make a comparison between her daughter's tresses and a certain reality show:

"Have you ever seen Mob Wives? That's what you look like right now," she quipped.

However, while that exact style might not be making a comeback any time soon, it could serve as inspiration for a modern twist on a classic 'do. As Julia Horniacek, reporting on the video for Bustle explains, "maybe I wont be incorporating a full head of bouncy curls into my daily beauty routine, but I could totally rock pinning my hair to one side and curling the ends. So retro."

An updated version of an older trend could be just the perfect thing for summer fun — next time you head to a Magnolia Hair Salon, you might want to take an old yearbook with you.