Braided Roll Updo



Begin by teasing at the roots at the top section of your head.

DSC_0188 DSC_0191

Section off 2″ around the front of your hair, near the part-line. Braid following your face frame down and then finishing with a “tail”. We used an inside out braid! Make the braid pretty tight and once you finish tug and pull at sections of the braid.


Curl the hair – we used a straightener to create the soft curls.


Pull back and pin away a section of hair from each side of face. Pull rest of hair into a pony tail near back of head. Unpin the side sections and position near ponytail till you are happy with the way the hair falls. Pin into place near base of ponytail.

DSC_0232    DSC_0234


Take sections of hair from the ponytail and ‘roll’ the sections up. Pin them into base of head. After you roll all sections up to base of head, you may need to rearrange pieces of hair and place a few more bobby pins in to blend the rolls as well as to secure the hair. Wrap the braid around the bottom of the rolls and pin discreetly.