Airbrush makeup application can keep you looking good without the streaking

If you want a long-lasting makeup application that will keep you looking good all day without streaking, the secret is out: Airbrush applications.

Say, for example, that you're going to be in a wedding. You want a makeup application that will look amazing throughout the entire ceremony and won't quit on you after. You also want something that's waterproof enough to handle your getting teary-eyed at the vows or sweaty on the dance floor at the reception. 

That's where airbrushing is so amazing. It provides even coverage that lasts up to 18 hours and doesn't require a lot of product to be used. On Stage Hair's own Paul Traylor described this process in an exclusive live segment with KFDM

"It is a great, great coverage with a minimal amount of product use, and you do not get the streaking or the splotching as you would with a traditional sponge or brush application," he explained. 

While the set-up might be a bit much for everyday use, Traylor explains that it's just the thing for special occasions that require that extra effort. Though airbrushing does require some training to complete properly, for anybody that takes their makeup seriously it's a valuable technique. 

So if you're ready to walk down the aisle, take some professional pictures or just want that extra glow, consider upgrading from a regular brush to an airbrush. This long-lasting application will keep you looking great for hours  without having to worry that your makeup will run or smudge if it gets wet.