Welcome to the On Stage web site! We hope you will enjoy our new format and the greatly enhanced information we are able to provide you about all facets of the OnStage Family and Operations. We have chosen a theatre-based motif for our site which we hope you will find as much fun as we have. Please take some time and look around. Get to know us and our staff. We are all very passionate about our work and enjoy working with our clients to achieve that special look or relaxing escape from the rigors of your daily grind. Please let us know what you think, how we could improve this site and/or our service to you, or just anything that’s on your mind. We love to hear from you and know what you are thinking so we can continue to fine tune our approach to insure that you, our client, are as satisfied, refreshed and relaxed as you can possibly be when you depart our salon for the day.

About Us

Our mission is to create a unique environment where men and women can enjoy a full range of salon services. Quality and attention to detail is our commitment to you, so we can fulfill your expectations and needs. We encourage you to communicate with your service provider any questions or concerns you may have relating to your particular service. We hope the open communication will also raise your comfort level, allowing you to receive the full benefits of your service.