5 great beach hairstyles

Summer is officially upon us, and you know what that means: beach fun! There is no more relaxing feeling then sinking your toes into some warm sand, gazing out over the cresting waves and tucking into a fun novel or an engaging conversation. And if you're going to have the ideal beach day, why not get the perfect complimentary hairstyle to go along with it? Here are five that we've chosen that will define this season's style. 

  • The perfect bun: A little hairspray, a wrapped ponytail and some pins to hold it all together, and you've got a style that is as practical as it is dashing. If your neck tends to get warm, or you're looking to do some serious swimming, a bun is a great way to look good without being weighed down. 
  • Natural waves: What better way to complement the beach's waves than with your own? After washing your hair, scrunch it and apply a protective gel. That way, you'll get a textured look without the frizz that can sometimes happen in the summer. The humidity in the air will really bring out the volume in your tresses!
  • A French braid: Looking for something a little different this season? Braids are all the rage. This look isn't too difficult to mimic at home: first, wet your hair. Second, apply leave-in conditioner while it's still damp to provide some texture. Next, start braiding! Follow the hairline, working down towards your ear. Secure the whole look with an elastic hair tie, and you're ready to go!
  • A high ponytail: Some things are just classic for a reason, and this 'do is one of them. After blow-drying your hair, pull it back loosely into a high ponytail, keeping it in place with another section of your hair. A low-maintenance style that looks good in every situation, you can go right from the beach to an evening party without needing a new hairstyle. 
  • A bob: All that hair weighing you down? Time for a cut and color! Going asymmetrical can add a little bit of flair to the style, and you'll keep cool while looking cool all summer. It looks equally good wavy or straight, and you can use just a bit of product to really bring out the natural texture in your hair. 

Want the perfect look for your next beach vacation? Stop in a Magnolia hair salon to get a style perfect for soaking in some rays.