Male Hair Trends

If you were to look out into the crowd of a summer music festival, or even you’re nearest Starbucks it’s easy to spot the new trends in men’s grooming. From the man bun to the clean-cut pompadour style, “male grooming in general has been on the rise” states Nellie Culver.

Nellie Culver (Master Stylist) and Haley Hardin (Artistic Director) have both been with On Stage for over 6 years. Last week I had the opportunity to step inside their world as they groomed the locks of some of their favorite male clients. First I met with Nellie and her husband Colby, who traditionally keeps his hair longer on top and extremely short on the sides. Which I later learned to be called a “severely disconnected undercut” This style is typical to those interested in achieving the lady swooning man bun. In Haley’s case, she achieved a look more suitable for younger men who are more interested in a low maintenance cut.  For now, here’s a closer look into what the pros have to say about today’s trends.

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What is the most popular trend in male haircuts at the moment?

NC: For the past year or so I’ve seen a lot more tailored barbering.  A lot more tightly fading to more hair on top, shaved partings, etc.

HH: The most popular trends I’m seeing are guys stepping into a more relaxed version of the oh so dapper haircut that has been buzzing Pinterest lately. Sides not as cropped and the top a lot longer.

Do you see it fading out anytime soon?

NC: Trends always come and go, like the man bun, but I see men being more aware and caring about their haircuts staying around.

HH: I think the dapper side part I mentioned is here to stay. As far as the more relaxed version, I feel as if guys want whats easy. The short messy guy do will always be requested in my chair.

What would you say is the easiest way for a man to style his hair when living a busy lifestyle?

NC: Don’t get a hairstyle that involves a lot of styling to look good.  Ask your hairstylist for something that you can wash and wear but if you do want to spend a bit more time and get ‘fancy’ they can.

HH: When a guy with a busy lifestyle is looking for an easier way to style their hair I have one thing to say, start using the product your stylist suggest to you. It will do wonders.What are some of your favorite products for your male clients (depending on hair type)?

NC: Paul Mitchell construction paste is a great easy product to work with.  It holds hair in place well without looking like your wearing gel.  If you want a stronger hold for those very tailored cuts I like Sebastian liquid steel.

HH: One of my favorite guys products is a good paste. I love Clean Cut from the Mitch line by Paul Mitchell; it’s my go to. If someone of looking for light and free hold, I gravitate toward Pure-formance Liquid Pomade by Aveda. Its great for a slicked yet dry look that holds in place.

How long should a male typically go between haircuts?

HH: I suggest 3-5 weeks depending on how tight the client likes his sides. If it’s a client who is on the shaggier side I would suggest a 5 week retention.

For your younger male clients, what is a go to haircut that is low maintenance?

NC: A short scissor cut. It holds it shape and style a bit longer than a shaved style that grows out quickly.

HH: A low maintenance cut for younger guys would start as something you could slightly spike or push over to the side with the sides trimmed accordingly. It seems to grow out a little easier than your shorter cuts.

 What celebrity in Hollywood has in your opinion the best hairstyle right now?


HH: Well we all know David Beckham is a top pick for awesome haircuts, style, abs…HA but I’ve always admired Bradley Cooper’s effortlessly “tucked behind the ear” look. He seems to always be in style given his array of character roles. I’m ready for longer males styles to become more professional in the mainstream business industry and he is obviously an advocate of that.